Testing as Developer

Test Your GUI as You Build It
By implementing AberroTest early in the development process, you can head off usability issues before they become problems, or worse yet, defects found by your customers. From the moment your GUI is in place, you can use AberroTest to extract information from your application and generate thousands of data inputs and navigation paths. Using Adaptive Automated Testing™, AberroTest adapts to changes in your target application. Whether you add, modify, or delete elements, AberroTest adapts systematically.

AberroTest provides a rich library of over 70 built-in input providers (names, states, punctuation, random numbers, and so on) or link to your own test data to provide input to the target application. By creating small tests and using them early and often, you can correct your own errors and avoid breaking the build.

Design Testable Applications
We all know the importance of unit testing and thoroughly testing code. However, testing your code shouldn’t take more time than it took to write it. And with AberroTest, testing is easier. Because testing is implemented early in development, the better your final product will be. Why? Well, bugs found early in the development process are cheaper to fix. But by using AberroTest early and often, you develop software applications that have testable designs and that lend themselves well to future testing. Robust, well-designed, and well-tested applications are better for software teams and customers alike.

Test Deeply within Your Applications
Test more deeply within your application than you ever hoped possible. Using AberroTest’s verification rules, you can verify application functionality using if-then logic. Even better, AberroTest’s rules are extensible, enabling a skilled developer to create customized rules with nested capability.