SEMrush tips and tricks to dominate your competition

Find ALL the keywords you will need (Keyword Magic)

At the heart of any good blog or website is a solid keyword research strategy. Without that, you are simply guessing. And guesswork and SEO are NOT a good combination. SEMrush has one of the best keyword search engines I’ve used. It’s called Keyword Magic.

SEMrush tips and tricks

Within this section of the tool, you can find highly profitable keywords and keyword phrases. All you have to do is write a query, it can be a single sentence and start building your keyword strategy from there. And the tool is idiot proof, making it ideal for newbies in SEO.

Once you enter your desired keyword or topic, the SEMrush Keyword Magic tool will gather ALL the data you need to start, including volume, keyword difficulty (KD), competition (Com.), Number of results current and SERP functions. .

The SEMrush Keyword Magic tool can divide the phrase into the following types of query:
Broad match – any variation of your keyword in any order

Phrase match – Exact keyword phrase on multiple orders

Exact match – exact keyword or phrase

Related – A list of keywords that are similar to your keyword

From here, you can make a decision based on all the criteria. I like to go after keywords with high volume and low keyword difficulty (KD). Doing this will produce the fastest and most lucrative results when developing new content.

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