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About Aberro
Aberro, Inc., is a software product and services company that creates highly effective software testing systems. Aberro’s disruptive technology solutions helps users to improve software quality dramatically, reduce testing costs, and accelerate time to market. Whether software is developed for external markets or internal corporate applications, Aberro improves the quality for this release and versions to come. 

Aberro’s Market Opportunity
The opportunity for better software testing tools is significant. Worldwide, the software industry currently spends over $1.5 billion on current-generation testing tools. Today’s tools for functional testing employ scripting as the primary method to automate the test effort. Despite significant shortcomings, this method has remained fundamentally unchanged for 15 years. Other testing tools require significant programming skills to deploy and maintain. Even skilled QA professionals find these tools to be difficult to use and ineffective during the early functional testing stage of product development. What is more, these testing tools are exceedingly expensive yet yield results of little value.

From small development shops to major corporations, users are actively seeking testing systems that are easy to use, faster to deploy, and able to find software defects reliably. Further, there is a sizeable, underserved market or “automation gap,” as there are no productivity tools to assist the manual tester. These QA professionals and the testing cycle as a whole are bogged down: they are tied to slow, tedious keyboard entry followed by manual bug logging. This automation gap is Aberro’s entry point, letting us provide a much-needed productivity tool to the manual test community.