AberroTest is a functional test and verification product that works at the user interface level. It implements the Adaptive Automated Test technique and instead of using scripts or keywords to drive the Application Under Test (AUT), AberroTest observes the AUT and then dynamically responds to the AUT. AberroTest works with native windows and browser-based applications that run under the Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The backend algorithmic logic of the AUT can reside on any platform.

Figure 1. Aberro Product Architecture 

AberroTest allows automated testing early in the development cycle, so defects can be found and fixed quickly and inexpensively. Automated testing can commence as soon as any rudimentary User Interface (UI) is in place that operates on back-end logic. As AberroTest has no sequences hardwired, UI elements can be added or deleted and AberroTest is unaffected.

To configure an application for test using AberroTest the user produces a map of the UI elements in the application. Alternately AberroTest can auto-discover the interaction points and generate the map. The user then connects the UI elements to a data source which provide input data and, optionally, expected output behavior. As new interaction points are added this process is repeated and these new interaction points are automatically included the next time testing is run.

As the user is not spending time creating tests, they can focus on verifying the application works correctly. AberroTest provides a rich library of built in data-providers that can be used to provide input to the application under test. In addition, data access methods are provided for Microsoft Excel, flat files including CSV formatted files or any ODBC compliant database.

With AberroTest, the user configures rules using a graphical rules editor to verify application behavior. AberroTest maps rules to UI elements. This ensures the rule is run every time the UI element is used. As the rules are connected to UI elements, instead of spread through out tests scripts, they are far easier to manage. For a more detailed discussion about Adaptive Automated Test and AberroTest, download the Aberro White Paper: “Adaptive Automated Testing: A Revolution in Software Functional Test“.