AberroTest 2.0

:: AberroTest 2.0 ::

Point. Click. Test!

Yes, functional testing can be just that easy, and with AberroTest it is. As the only testing solution available that does not require scripting or programming capabilities, AberroTest helps you to start testing as soon as the first object is placed in the UI. Tests are shared throughout the development team, and automation becomes a reality. With AberroTest, you can cut bugs from development to QA, creating quality code early with fewer bugs upon delivery.

Simple to Learn and Use

AberroTest doesn’t require programming or scripting skills, enabling both technical and non-technical users to use the product. What’s more, AberroTest is easy to use and sharply reduces overall adoption costs.Promotes development and QA synergy, because tests can be created and shared by everybody.
Reduces the Time to First Test
Autodiscovers new elements, new element types, and the underlying structure in the target application during test execution. When the application changes, AberroTest systematically adapts to the new product.Automatic test generation provides thorough application test coverage without resorting to writing thousands of tests.

Easy to Understand

Graphical editor for functional verification rules enables complex rules to be configured by nonprogrammers.XML-based reports provide easy-to-understand test coverage metrics. XML enables easy integration into corporate standard reporting solutions.Rich set of included data inputs plus the ability to hook into spreadsheets, files, or databases makes getting test data significantly easier than other approaches.

Add Measurable ROI

AberroTest increases development productivity, driving down costs as fewer testing resources are needed. More people can focus on product creation without sacrificing quality assurance.Aberro’s navigation options extend the power of traditional regression testing by exploring both new and old paths through the target application.